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Simple and convenient
The platform is very simple and intuitive for beginners. Get on the air right from the browser without installing additional software.
Create a radio and broadcast can be completely free.
Live communication
Communicate online with your listeners, receive song orders, receive calls on the air, conduct polls in the chat. And if this seems to you little, then write articles and news that all users of can see.
Great broadcast capabilities
You can go on the air from the browser, from your PC, from your mobile phone (by installing our application).
Broadcast music, chat and receive calls through it. Recruit leaders and assign them different access rights.
All in one
You can create, manage and promote up to 7 radio stations, 15 radio stations to be leading and all in one account. For this you do not need to register each time and spend extra time.
Social activity
Use all the possibilities of social networks, post the player on Facebook, publish your themes on Twitter. This is a unique opportunity to make yourself known to the whole world, to increase the social presence and popularity of your radio.
Player for websites
You can easily embed the player on your site or blog and make your readers and subscribers happy with their broadcasts.

For business

Re-broadcasting FM radio to the Internet
With the help of specialized programs you can retranslate your FM radio into the Internet. Increase your audience by being present on the global network.
Broadcast from clubs
A good way to attract customers to your club will be an Internet radio that will broadcast your institution s music on the Internet.
Let the client look at how cool you are and invite your friends.
Presentation of goods and services
Create radio for advertising your products or services, tell your customers about promotions and offers, seasonal discounts.
Creation of a viral advertising company
Create radio under the brand name of your brand and develop it. The listeners themselves will promote the quality station on social networks, while promoting your brand and as a consequence your goods and services. For better promotion, invite your customers/listeners to the leading ones (the capabilities of allow you to receive/work on the radio remotely)